Data Science Advanced

Behind the rigorous modelling of massive data, lies a deep mathematical underpinning to make things work.

In Advanced Data Science, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the mathematical machinery behind the cool algorithms, enabling you to predict future events using data.

Being hands-on is huge at Alida School. So, to make your experience more practical, you’ll learn all the complex concepts through real-world examples and applied learning projects.  

After mastering them, you’ll be ready to transform meaningless numbers into actionable, business insights– or impress the other side of the table in job interviews.

What you'll learn:

  1. Text Visualization with Wordcloud
  2. Unsupervised Learning
  3. Introduction to Deep Learning
  4. Unsupervised  Learning
  5. Text Mining and NLP Techniques
  6. Neural Network
  7. Get Started with Keras
  8. Data Science for Image Processing and Computer Vision
Advanced Data Science
Advanced Data Science


Time: Monday to Friday: 6pm-8pm GMT

Duration: 12 weeks

Next cohort: 9th of January 2023

Course Fee: $500

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