Android Development

The Android app development course is designed to get you started in Android app development and by the end of the course you will be able to build your own apps for Android.

The course is hands-on and instructor-led.

It includes different Android development concepts such as Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers, Graphics and Animation, Database and Integration with APIs.

At the end of the course, we will build a practical Android Application and learn how to upload it to the Android Market.

 The course is restricted to a maximum of ten students to ensure an excellent learning experience.

Introduction to Android App Development

  1. Getting started with Android
  2. History of Android
  3. Different Versions of Android
  4. What is the role of Kotlin
  5. Android official IDE as a development tool
  6. Android Market
  7. What is SDK
  8. Install SDK
  9. Native Libraries
  10. Dalvik

App Framework

  1. Android Architecture
  2. Activities
  3. Intents
  4. Broadcast Receivers
  5. Services
  6. Content Providers

Hello World! Android App

  1. Create Hello, World Application
  2. Compile and Run Hello, World! Android App
  3. Use app Emulator

Android Studio

  1. Android App development IDE for building Android applications
  2. Debugging tools
  3. Performance tools
  4. Debugging and editing using Android Studio

Android GUI, Lists and Adapters

  1. How to create UI for applications
  2. Using themes
  4. Buttons
  5. Text view
  6. List
  7. Dialog views
  8. Menu in Android Applications
  9. GUI Adapters
  10. Logging
  11. Threading
  12. Colour
  13. Using the standard widgets
  14. Preferences
  15. File System
  16. Manifest File

Localisation and Screen Resolution

  1. Understanding localisation
  2. Understanding Screen resolution
  3. Creating apps that works with multiple layouts
  4. Creating apps that works with multiple screen resolutions
  5. Handling localisation and screen resolution changes

Database for Android App

  1. SQLite
  2. DbHelper
  3. Opening database
  4. Closing a database
  5. execSQL
  6. Cursor
  7. SQLiteOpenHelper
  8. SQL select
  9. SQL insert
  10. SQL update
  11. SQL delete

Graphics and Animation

  1. User of graphics in app
  2. How to use images
  3. Android graphic routines
  4. Draw bitmap
  5. How to make animation in Apps
  6. Canvas Drawing

Broadcast Receivers

  1. What are broadcast receivers
  2. Network receiver
  3. Boot receiver
  4. Broadcast intent

System Services

  1. Location Service
  2. Intent services
  3. custom services
  4. service class
  5. Start a service
  6. run a service
  7. Stop a service

Integration with APIs

  1. Openweather map

Publishing your app on the Android Market

  1. How to publish an app?
  2. What to consider before submitting app
  3. Preparing for Release
  4. Application licensing
  5. Signing and publishing apps
  6. Versioning Your Applications

Project in Android App Development

Build a functional Android application from start to finish, in class with an experienced developer as a teacher and mentor.

Android App Development


Time: Monday to Friday: 6pm-8pm GMT

Duration: 12 weeks

Next cohort: 9th of January 2023

Course Fee: $500

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