What is the difference between iOS development and Android development

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Android software development is the process by which applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. Google states that "Android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages" using the Android software development kit (SDK), While iOS development is the process where Applications are created running on Apple iPhone devices. iOS applications can be written using Swift.

Currently, the Android operating system commands a bigger market share of 87% with the platform being a favorite in developing countries and among lower-income earners, Which is attributed to the introduction of cheaper android phones ranging from $100.

The Google infrastructure also plays a huge role in the popularity of smartphones by allowing users to fulfill their desires and customize their devices. For instance, the availability of different widgets and backgrounds lets users modify and lock their home screens as they please.

IOS, on the other hand, does not command such a huge market share. The platform has a 12.82% following and it is a favorite with the younger generation who spend most of their time scouting apps. It is also popular among the educated class and those with higher income levels.

The iOS operating system, therefore, is the best choice if you aim to flourish in the premium smartphone market without necessarily targeting mass adoption of the app.The Android operating system, on the other hand, is best suited where there’s a need for a non-restrictive platform that offers more flexibility in publishing apps to the target audience.HardwareHardware also comes in place when building for both operating systems. For iOS, you would need an Apple Computer while Android Development can work on Both PC and Apple computers. For mobile Hardware, iOS development would need an Apple Phone while Android Development would need any mobile phone running on the Android operating system.

LicensingIn order to upload your applications for the Apple App Store you need to constant renew your store access fee every year for around $99 while for Android App Store you only need to pay a one-time fee of $28 and you can upload many applications as possible. For the iOS market, one needs to have an active application so as to cater for the yearly licensing fee.Arrival times also do matter for the Android Playstore applications are reviewed faster and take a shorter amount of time while the iOS App Store they are always thorough and can take time until all checks pass and it’s approved to the store.SpecificationsFor iOS screen resolution does not really change where you can build for one Apple Phone and it would work on all whereas for Android Development one need to consider the type of phone someone is using and the minimum android version that an application can run on. Market ShareThe difference between the two also depends on the target market you as a developer is targeting if you want your application to be on the Android play store then here at Alida School, we will help you become an Android Developer and have countless apps on the Android play store. We also have an iOS class if you want to become an iOS developer
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