What is JSON

What is JSON
JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It’s a popular text-based data format used everywhere for representing structured data. Almost every programming language supports it with Swift being no exception.
You are going to use JSON a lot throughout your career. Swift JSON is used for communication of the IOS web application with the server by returning a series of formatted data or information. This formatted data organised in a proper hierarchical manner is called Swift JSON.  
Foundation framework that includes a class called JSONSerialization is exclusively used for converting any JSON involved within the web application into Swift data types like array, number, bool, String, and Dictionary. It is very difficult to predict the actual structure or the order in which values of JSON-based web applications will receive as part of returned data.
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How JSON works in Swift

● JSON parsing or manipulation with JSON in any programming language is a common functionality when any web application tries to communicate with the other server.

● Any web application dealing with JSON data tries to decode the JSON data in an ordered manner. Swift JSON parsing is very important for any iOS developer as they will most often get acquainted with these kinds of data.

● Decoding modules in swift are quite flexible and are very easy to understand without any indulgence of external API.

● There are times when swift JSON containing JSONSerialization class method returns a value of any type and throws error in case the data cannot get parsed easily then a proper validation with error elicitation will be given to the user for identification of the actual exception.

● Although the JSON data will get validated still there will be times when JSON may contain a single value, a response from a web application can encode an object or array as any top-level object for manipulation.

● All the data types related to swift get used as per requirement and any optional value can be considered for it.

● There is quite a need to create Model objects from the Model-view-controller design pattern that are often used to convert json data to objects which are specific to the application’s domain in a model view.

● If the applications are related to one or more web services do not return a single, or consistent model for the representation of a model object, considering implementation of several initializers to handle all the possible representations.

● JSON initializer helps a lot when it comes to extracting and getting the detailed implementation with errors and exceptions. Error Handling with error protocols helps in deserialization with the fail for protocol.

● Many times, it happens that the application returns multiple endpoints for any resource that returns a single JSON response following any particular protocol.

● A search endpoint may return zero or more endpoints then in that case the requested query may contain more or other metadata while presenting for the endpoint.

● JSON parser plays a pivotal role in parsing as it helps in making the entire JSON data organised in a properly visualised format which gives an impression that the data can be organised in a proper manner.

● Swift is the programming language that allows programmers to use and make the data ordered and visualised in a very easy and effective manner by giving an idea of proper idealisation and organisation for operations and manipulations.

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