My Time at Alida School - Former Alida Student and Current Software Developer 

My Time at Alida School - Former Alida Student and Current Software Developer 
My name is Edwin Macharia, I’m from Nairobi, Kenya and I’m a software developer.
A career path change is frightening and unpopular, especially in Africa. But not uncommon. Tech is one of the fields that are experiencing exponential growth with the need for talent growing at a very fast rate here in Africa. 
Coding schools and online learning materials are trying to overcome the talent shortage in the industry. However, without a sense of direction and proper guidance, you risk drowning in a resource pool of online courses and tutorials, gaining little knowledge and skill in the end. 
This was me a year before discovering Alida School an online coding school.
Jumping from a tutorial on HTML to one on React JS then to Flutter, Tailwind, Python and ending up on a tutorial about Firebase.
Learning very little at the end of it all. Then I came across Alida School, Africa’s own fully online coding school.
My career launch pad into the tech field. I joined Alida School after stumbling on a tweet by Dauda Barry founder of Alida School for the incoming cohort 2 intake for the Full Stack Development Course. 
Six months down the line and I was a skilled Full Stack Developer. 
The instructors at Alida School provided me with the best guidance and mentorship a newbie in the tech world could ask for. 
Alida School Coding Class
The front end development instructor George Ikwegbu is one of the best at what he does. Coupled with his passion for teaching, he will ensure that he simplifies even the complex aspects of programming by using day-to-day life examples for you to understand and feel confident enough to utilize the skills in a work environment. 
The back end development instructor Brian Nduhiu will offer you invaluable guidance in learning backend logic and skills to penetrate the job market, such as staying current on new tech and the importance of joining a tech community. Alida School provided the guidance and a sense of direction that I very much needed.
The knowledge of what to learn and how to learn it. To sum it all up, Alida School offers everything you need to launch a career in tech, from learning new skills to employment opportunities via a number of hiring partners. 

Alida School Student Job Offer
The beauty of technology is that learning never ends and Alida equipped me with the most important skill in tech, that is the skill to learn new technology and quickly.
I am now learning cloud computing and I’m a junior backend developer at Gozem, Africa’s super App. 
All thanks to the excellent Alida School team and Dauda’s mentorship.
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