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We are training the next generation of tech talent in Africa.

Alida School - Training the Next Generation of Tech Talent in Africa

Alida School is an online coding school. We train our students to become software developers in just 12 weeks.

Front End Development for Beginners

Web development jobs fall into three categories:
1 - Front end development
2-Back end development
3- Full stack development

How to Become a Good Software Developer

As a student of Alida School, the end of your course is actually the beginning of your learning journey. While your time as a student may be officially over, in order to become a top tier software developer you’ll have to continue to learn daily.

React, Vue or Angular: The best JavaScript framework to learn to get a front end job

If you’re a beginner or junior front end developer and you’re wondering if you should learn react (react js), vue or angular to get a job, you’re in the right place.

Access to Tech Talent in AfricaAccess to Tech Talent in AfricaAccess to Tech Talent in Africa

Access to Tech Talent in Africa

Africa is a young, innovative and growing continent. Mobile and Internet penetration is growing quickly, and the cost of data is falling. This makes Africa a greenfield market and the number of tech startups have been flourishing across the continent.

What is React and Why is React the Most Popular JavaScript Framework?

React is a JavaScript library for building fast and interactive user interfaces.
It was developed in 2011 at Facebook and currently, it’s the most popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Access to Tech Talent in Africa

Africa's $140 Billion Blindspot

Africa’s Internet economy is worth $140 billion. By 2025, the Internet economy has the potential to contribute $180 billion to Africa’s economy and grow to $712 billion by 2050.

React, Vue or Angular: What JavaScript framework is the best for your next project?

React, Vue or Angular: What JavaScript framework is the best for your next project?

Are you wondering about what JavaScript framework will be the best for your next project? In this post, I’ll help you out and we’ll look at their:
1- History
2- Learning curve
3- Stability
4- Ecosystem

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